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Canine Education & Puppy Classes

Susanne Bark

Welcome to my website!

The site describes the wide variety of classes I have structured to suit the needs of all dogs and their owners.

I am a veterinary nurse with 20 years’ experience. For the last 15 of those years my duties have included conducting the practice’s ‘Puppy Pre-School’.

During those years, I perceived a need for more specialised classes dealing with adult dogs and in particular those exhibiting problematic behaviours, as well as those whose owners simply desired to experience the joy of a highly trained companion.

I am one of Australia’s very few certified Behaviour Adjustment Training instructors. Certification at this level requires a deep understanding of canine psychology. The BAT skills are of particular benefit in assisting dogs suffering from fear, aggression and frustration.

I am, of course, a member of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.In addition to my professional endeavours I have, for many years, provided volunteer assistance to organisations such as RSPCA, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and the Delta Society (Pets for Therapy).

This, and my ongoing education is some small reflection of the endless passion I have for dogs and, in particular, my commitment to bringing you the most humane and effective solutions to canine behavioural and communication issues.

My other passion is photography, and of course my favourite subject involves capturing emotion, expression and movement in dogs. The body language of dogs is key to understanding how she or he feels and what they are communicating to us.

Observation through the camera lens adds another dimension to understanding my favourite creature on Earth: the DOG.

And yes, my name has always been Bark!!

The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog...


Harness training

Body Language- play bows

Spice delivers certificates during Puppy classes

Home on your own

Co operative care during Puppy Class

How to play tug of war with your dog

This is "Spice", a Border Collie mix breed who was surrendered at the age of 8 wks to the RSPCA Shelter. I called her Spice because she was sprinkled with many different breeds and she very quickly spiced up my life!

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