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Canine Education & Puppy Classes ~ Susanne Bark, CBATI

A bit about the classes... 

All our classes have positive reinforcement in its foundation with emphasis on motivating dogs to learn and practice behaviours through play and rewarding your dog with what he loves the most.

Puppy Classes ~ 8-16 wks

The best place to start! All puppies benefit from socialization with other puppies at this age as this is their one and ...ONLY... socialization period! This is the optimal time to acquire social skills, learning to get along with different breeds and sizes. The older dog does not play the same games as a puppy and can often be grumpy towards your exhausting playful puppy. Being told off by an older dog can be detrimental to the new puppy's outlook on life with other dogs. Puppy-hood is ideally supposed to be playful and fun! Building confidence is the key at this age.

Our course covers all the puppy behaviours that new owners find challenging. You will learn how to raise your puppy in a gentle way and understand the dogs language better. What you will get out of this course is better communication and bond which leads to a happier puppy with less behavioural issues.

Pick up a brochure from 152 Sawtell Road at Pacific Vetcare to view the whole program and to enroll- just follow the instructions on the back of the form.

On Cue classes for Junior dogs ~ 5-12 months

The bouncy adolescent! When you have completed the Puppy Pre School program the next step is to enroll in the Junior School. These classes are designed to help you structure and simplify the way you live with your adolescent dog. We start by teaching our young dogs to walk on a loose leash and expand their vocabulary. We concentrate on sit, drop, stand, stay, come, wait, leave it, give and many more "tricks" performed in a distracting environment. If your dog has come straight from our puppy classes you do not require "the initial private class" before you join the On Cue Junior Class.

Rapid Recall classes ~ All ages
Positive and fun approach to teaching your dog to come to you! This 5 week course teaches you how to improve your relationship with your dog and step by step instructions what to practice each week. Teach your dog to love coming back to you :)
Requirements to this class is your dog loves other dogs.

Adult classes ~ over 1yr

Reaching maturity! The next logical step after completing Junior School. Perhaps you have some issues and bad habits you would like to change. Or you may have acquired an older dog that you would like to teach new behaviours. These classes always require a private class if you are just starting from this point as this enables me to asses your dog and give you solutions to specific problems. It also gives your dog an opportunity to familiarize itself with the environment before a joining a group class. We practice walking on a loose leash, sit, drop, stand, stay, come, wait, leave it, just to name a few, in a more distracting environment.

Private Classes

Learn faster and work on individual issues! If you need help with a specific behavioural issue and it is occurring at home you may want to organize a house call. Private classes can also be arranged at the training grounds to give you "one on one" time. If your dog is fearful, frustrated or aggressive I recommend BAT, see below.

BAT- Behaviour Adjustment Training

If you have a "reactive rover" then of course more private classes are required before you and your dog have suitable experience to  join a group situation. Your dog must be able to offer you certain behaviours before we overwhelm your dog with a group of unfamiliar dogs,people and a completely new environment. I will be working closely with you to achieve the best result for your dog and for you to learn at your pace.

BAT is a humane and dog friendly training method for dogs who experience fear, frustration or aggression.

"BAT is a living method that evolves as new research and its positive practical applications are explored, developed and verified. The core of BAT is that it is a dog-friendly application of desensitization with a giant dose of empowerment to the dog. Giving dogs a high degree of control over what happens to them is important for humane care and is what sets BAT apart from other training techniques. By setting up situations in which dogs can safely explore the environment and investigate other dogs, people, etc., BAT helps dogs learn to control their own comfort level through peaceful means"- Grisha Stewart

BAT empowers animals to live with confidence and joy among humans.

For more info on BAT visit Grisha Stewart "Empowered animals" website.

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152 Sawtell Road, Toormina.

152 Sawtell Road, Toormina.

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