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Phone Consultations

A Phone Consultation is a great way to get Susanne’s opinion on anything "dog related" 

Phone consultations can be used for many options; the main advantage is there is virtually no waiting time, I can usually answer the phone within a couple of hours. If I am busy I will call you back.

This may also be a good way to see if you think we can help you and what methods we may use, or just to just get an opinion on a problem.

It must be remembered that giving advice over the phone has its limitations, there is no substitute for a live consultation but if distance is a barrier, this option may be very useful for you. We have found that sometimes what would be covered in many back and forth emails, is much easier conveyed on the phone, we know this service is valuable to many people so we strive to make time available to you when you need it.


You need a second opinion

There is a large distance between us and you

There are no experienced trainers / Behaviourists near you

You need fast access to professional help

You know how to train something but it just isn’t working

An event has happened such as a dog bite and you need help right now!

You also save money by avoiding to pay travel fees

Ready to Book?

If you would like to arrange a Phone Consult with Susanne, please call our office between 9am and 5pm weekdays. Alternatively email me and I can call you.

Here are some tips

Have a list of things you need to ask Susanne ready

Have a note pad ready to write down anything you may not remember.

Cost: $30 for 30 minutes and can be paid via bank transfer only.

Exsisting clients will recieve a 50% discount.

PH: 0421-784292

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