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Fiona Ross

I've had dogs all my life and when I got another puppy about 7 years ago I joined a puppy class run by Susanne. I didn't realise how much I didn't know about dogs!!! It was fun for both my puppy and I but the benefits of getting it right from start are still paying dividends today. I ended up inheriting a young beagle from my son and she needed a lot of work. I'm not sure I could have managed it without the support of Susanne and canine education classes. I have continued a training relationship with Susanne since then and my dogs and I continually learn - it just never stops. Take a look at her website for tips on how to..... they are so easy to follow and the funny thing is, make so much sense. That's the thing this isn't difficult stuff - it's incredibly logical, although it takes patience and creativity. The benefit to my dogs, myself and my family are immeasurable and the amount of joy I get from my well behaved animals knows no bounds.

Christina Stuart

I can't speak highly enough of Susanne Bark. The most amazing dog trainer!! So very impressive with the way she leads her puppy classes and the results are fantastic. Her own dog is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. The classes for the dogs who have passed the puppy stage are invaluable. There are many dog's still alive thanks to Susanne coming to their rescue. So many dogs are put down unnecessary due to their unacceptable behaviour. Often it has been mistreated or incorrect training leading to this behaviour. I can't recommend Susanne enough. I call her the Dog whisperer because in my opinion she is!!!

Scott Gale

Susanne has been a godsend for my dog and I. My dog was attacked as a puppy and developed anti-social behaviours. Susanne has been able to get my dog to a point where she can be around other dogs without reacting. She has also taught us so many other behaviours, making both my dog and I happy. Highly recommend her to anyone

Cath Atkinson

I have had experience with Susanne in group dog classes and private consultation. She has a wealth of knowledge and has improved my bond with my dog immeasurably. I don't know where we would be without attending her classes. Absolutely recommended!

Michelle Dwyer

I have been to group classes for adult dogs for the past few years with my previous dog and now another rescue dog. Susanne has helped me understand my dogs and given me the knowledge to work through the issues that came up after each of them were adopted. The main issues have been separation anxiety, reactivity to new dogs/people and a fear of loud noises. It is a safe, fun environment for the dogs to learn and build their confidence. Would highly recommend!

Kath Newman

I adore Susanne's teachings and what she has opened me up to to bring the best out of Czarna and Lola...and also look through the lens without blinkers...and more importantly I admire her as a person.

Mandy Wallis

If you want a dog trainer that challenges herself to learn new methods and constantly improve her skills, and one, who has devoted so much to assisting us fur baby parents, Susanne Bark is your go to person!

Kaye Becker

I have always enjoyed the companionship of a dog and I thought at fifty-eight I had a clear understanding of dog behaviour until Albert, the pup, came along. Albert is a small standard poodle. His timid temperament was chosen because I already had a six-year-old miniature poodle, Elsie, and I did not want an overly confident new arrival to cause trouble. Although there were no problems between the two dogs, other issues arose. Albert’s fear and anxiety became extreme. As an adult dog, it took me many months to train him to do the simplest of tasks, such as walking up and down stairs. Despite attending puppy school and making every attempt to socialize him, Albert’s fear of other dogs steadily increased until he would bark and lunge at any dog who came into proximity. This out-of-control barking and aggression was soon directed at any dog that he noticed, irrespective of the huge distance between them. Occasionally, this type of behaviour was directed at people who simply passed us by. Albert’s reactive behaviour made our daily walks a misery. Consequently, sunrise walks were put into place to minimize contact with other dogs and people. I attended Susanne’s classes and took on board every procedure. I soon came to realize my lack of knowledge in how canines perceive their world and so began the long haul of being educated in truly understanding man’s best friend. Albert and I attended Susanne’s classes for many years. Today, at nine years of age, Albert can meet other dogs in a much calmer state. He never shows aggression towards people and has become a happy and affectionate dog. Albert has become very tolerant of the 15-year-old Elsie and seems to have accepted the role that she can no longer be the top dog between them. As Albert will always be an anxious dog, continuing with these learnt strategies is a small price to pay. My husband has also contributed to this effort and we have both learnt amazing methods of communicating with all dogs. Susanne’s teachings enabled Albert to learn the fun of play, to respond in a way that will reduce the possibility of overreacting and to learn calmer behaviour. Added to this mix, Albert’s obedience and confidence were enhanced.

Equally important, Susanne has taught us to employ many problem-solving methods so that Albert could acquire and maintain more positive behaviours. 

Mandy Sansom - Callicoma Kelpies & Pet Supplies

I have been teaching dog training with local dog clubs for years and have never met a trainer like Susanne before. Her knowledge of dog behavior and observation skills are far above my own and anyone else I have trained with. I happily drive one and half hours each way to attend her puppy classes with all my own puppies, and have also attended many BAT classes and juvenile dog classes with my dogs – I love them.

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