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Walk & Train is a reliable care program for your pet using reward-based training.

Walk & Train provides quality companionship for dogs or other pets in need of enrichment, exercise and company whilst their guardian is not home. Gentle and kind training methods are used to supplement the care you give your much-loved furry family member.

It is ideal for those with busy lifestyles, such as full-time workers. Your pet will still receive the attention he or she deserves whilst putting your mind at ease! Let us help you to train your dog!

Breaking up a long day alone will assist in preventing dogs from practicing behaviours associated with boredom or stress such as barking, digging or chewing inappropriately

The extra attention can help with neighbourly relations as a consequence of giving your pet something to do in the day

NB: Walk and train may not be suitable if you have a very reactive dog on leash. We recommend Behaviour Adjustment Therapy classes for your dog until your dog can cope walking in your neighbourhood.

Pricing Walk and Train

$50 - 30 mins . For 2nd dog in same household  add $30

$60 - 45 mins   For 2nd dog in same household add $40

$75 - 60 mins   For 2nd dog in same household add $55

Included in this price is a meet and greet with your dog and orientation in your home.

We can supply the high value training treats (freshly boiled chicken)

To medicate your dog, bring mail in, put out the bins, poop scoop yard, water plants, feed fish or cats - add $20

Travel fees may apply

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