What to bring to class - susannebark

What to bring to class: 

-   Your dog wearing a harness or flat collar and lead.  Check chains cause throat trauma.

     A harness will always be the most comfortable option for your dog to  learn in."Callicoma  Kelpies" supply a very comfortable harness.

     Click  here  to view harness and order.

  Lots of high value treats! (cooked chicken, sausages, cheese, beef, kangaroo are all good options, avoid dry treats as they can get stuck

     in their throats during training. Bring a variety.)

-   Have treats ready and cut in small pieces, bring more than you think you will need.

-   A treat bag or training vest so you can have the treats on your body to reward your dog.

-   Your dog’s favourite tug toy ( tug toys can be bought at class advice me in advance)

-   A towel or bed for your dog to sit on

-   Enclosed shoes

-   Pen and paper if you would like to make notes.

-   A water bowl (we have water)

-   Patience while you and your dog are learning new behaviours

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